select the network driver

C Specification

Nlboolean nlSelectNetwork(NLenum name)



[in]Specifies the name of the network driver.


nlSelectNetwork selects the network driver specified by name. It can be one of the following:

NL_IP: IP network. NL_RELIABLE or NL_RELIABLE_PACKETS use TCP protocol, and NL_UNRELIABLE uses UDP protocol.

NL_LOOP_BACK: Internal NL loopback. Not yet supported.

NL_IPX: Windows only. NL_RELIABLE or NL_RELIABLE_PACKETS use SPX protocol, and NL_UNRELIABLE uses IPX protocol.

NL_SERIAL: Serial connections. Not yet supported.

NL_MODEM: Modem connections. Not yet supported.

Return values

nlGetBoolean returns NL_TRUE if the network driver could be loaded, or NL_FALSE if not.

Error codes

NL_INVALID_ENUM : The network name is not valid.
NL_INVALID_TYPE : The network type is not available.

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