nlMutexInit, nlMutexDestroy

intitilize or destroy a mutex

C Specification

NLboolean nlMutexInit(NLmutex *mutex)

NLboolean nlMutexDestroy(NLmutex *mutex)



[in/out]The mutex to intitialize or destroy.


nlMutexInit initializes the mutex.

nlMutexDestroy destroys the mutex.

Return values

NL_TRUE if no error occurs, otherwise NL_FALSE, and the specific error code can be retrieved by calling nlGetError

Error codes

NL_NULL_POINTER : A NULL pointer was passed to this function.
NL_SYSTEM_ERROR : A system error has ocurred. The system error can be retrieved by calling nlGetSystemError.
NL_OUT_OF_MEMORY : Not enough memory.

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