set or disable/enable advanced network settings

C Specification

NLboolean nlHint(NLenum name, NLint value)



[in]Specifies the setting to change.


[in]Specifies the value to set.


nlHint change the setting specified by name to the value. It can be one of the following:

NL_LISTEN_BACKLOG: Sets the default backlog for the TCP listen. The default varies from platform to platform.

NL_MULTICAST_TTL: Sets the TTL to use for multicast. The default is 1.

NL_REUSE_ADDRESS: If enabled (NL_TRUE), local addresses will be able to be bound multiple times. This is good for servers using TCP, and to allow multiple copies of broadcast and multicast apps to run on the same machine. The default is disabled (NL_FALSE).

Return values

NL_TRUE if no error occurs, otherwise NL_FALSE, and the specific error code can be retrieved by calling nlGetError

Error codes

NL_INVALID_ENUM : The property name is not valid.

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