retrieve a statistic from a socket

C Specification

NLlong nlGetSocketStat(NLsocket socket, NLenum name)



[in]Specifies the socket.


[in]Specifies the name of the statistic that is to be retrieved.


nlGetSocketStat retrieves the socket statistic specified by name. It can be one of the following:

NL_PACKETS_SENT : The total packets sent.

NL_BYTES_SENT : The total bytes sent.

NL_AVE_BYTES_SENT : The average bytes sent per second for the last 8 seconds.

NL_HIGH_BYTES_SENT : The highest bytes per second ever sent.

NL_PACKETS_RECEIVED : The total packets received.

NL_BYTES_RECEIVED : The total bytes received.

NL_AVE_BYTES_RECEIVED : The average bytes received per second for the last 8 seconds.

NL_HIGH_BYTES_RECEIVED : The highest bytes per second ever received.

Return values

The requested statistic, or 0 if there was an error.

Error codes

NL_INVALID_ENUM : The name is not valid.
NL_INVALID_SOCKET : The socket is not valid.

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