nlAddrToString, nlStringToAddr

convert an address to a string, or a string to an address

C Specification

NLchar* nlAddrToString(const NLaddress *address, NLchar *string)

NLboolean nlStringToAddr(const NLchar *string, NLaddress *address);



[in/out]Specifies a pointer to the address.


[out/in]Specifies a pointer to the string allocated by the caller.


nlAddrToString converts an address to a string in the format, stores it into the caller supplied string, and returns a pointer to string. string must be allocated NL_MAX_STRING_LENGTH memory to store the address string. If the port number is '0', then the returned string does not have the port number or the trailing ':'.

nlStringToAddr converts a string in the format to an address. If no port number is not supplied, then the port number will be set to 0. If the string was converted successfully, then address.valid will be set to NL_TRUE, otherwise it will be set to NL_FALSE.

Return values

If no error occurs, nlAddrToString returns a pointer to string, otherwise a value of NULL is returned, and the specific error code can be retrieved by calling nlGetError

If no error occurs, nlStringToAddr returns NL_TRUE, otherwise NL_FALSE is returned and the specific error code can be retrieved by calling nlGetError

Error codes

NL_NULL_POINTER : A NULL pointer was passed to this function.
NL_BAD_ADDR : String does not have the proper format.

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