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ClanLib API - Overview

The overview section is a walkthrough of all ClanLib's components, classes and interfaces. It is highly adviceable to read it from the one end to the other, if you want to get a full overview of what ClanLib can do for you.

The ClanLib game SDK is a library that can ease your game development in many ways. ClanLib has APIs for 2D graphics, 3D graphics, sound, network, I/O, input, GUI and resource administration. Besides, ClanLib reads a number of common image formats, either natively or through third-party libraries supported by ClanLib. ClanLib provides transparent support for OpenGL, so that you can use native OpenGL commands, while letting ClanLib handle the boring parts, such as textures, sound, and all the other things that are required to make a good game besides 3D graphics.

This overview will describe the components of ClanLib one at a time, without focusing too much on the actual API (you can use the reference section for that), but instead focusing on describing what you can use ClanLib for (and also what you can't use it for).

We will assume you're familiar with C++, and basic game programming terminology. If you're just starting out on making games, perhaps you should first look at a few of the numerous sites that describe game programming in general.

If there is something you think is missing out in the documentation, don't hesitate to point out what you think could be improved. After all, good documentation at least doubles the value of a library.

(This part is still under construction. Documentation volunteers wanted!)

Questions or comments, write to the ClanLib mailing list.